The Status Flow is open to partnerships. Read below on services and scenarios we are able to provide: 

-If you have an original design that you would like for us to bring to fruition, market and distribute - we are open to taking a look. Upon agreement, we can offer a royalty for each unit sold.

-Are you the leader of a church, organization or an event? Are you looking for someone to print, stock, sell and distribute these items on your behalf. No more storing boxes of shirts, No more trying to collect money from members, No more needing to hand them out, just let us set it up for you, and allow each individual to be responsible for getting theirs through our site. There is NO up front cost (unless you need a design created). We can offer multiple colors and styles with NO risk of having to pay for left over stock.

-Are you an athlete, celebrity, internet personality or someone that is looking for a company to help design (or your own design), market, and distribute your approved or branded merchandise? Perhaps you simply want shirts made available for your fans;  for them to have easy and direct access to them. Broaden your reach with us.

Benefits of a partnership with The Status Flow:

-NO up front cost (unless a design is needed).
-NO need for storage or collecting money from others.
-NO risk of left over stock (we assume all risk).
-Ability to offer MULTIPLE styles and colors without risk.
-Opportunity to earn a royalty (kickback).
-You can FOCUS on WHAT YOU WANT and not try to become a "T-Shirt" vendor on top of EVERYTHING else you are doing :)

Simply fill out the form or email us at and we can discuss your unique situation!

We do NOT guarantee the acceptance of any or all inquiries. There are parameters that we will take into account and is at our discretion.